Door Frame Repair

Once you own a business or residence for a period of time, over time, it starts to show signs of aging. In the long run, the door frames shown on the components will also be separated. They can separate or interfere or start showing mileage. Wooden door frames are generally not easily damaged. Different types of door frames, including aluminum and metal, are not as strong as wood, but will not deteriorate in humid environments.

We use the door of our house every day. Several variables will affect the condition of the door frame. First, the material and age of the frame is highly dependent on its condition. Wooden or glass door frames are rounder and richer than aluminum and metal. This is why many landowners with wooden door frames usually find that they will break after a few years, especially if they live in a cold or humid climate. For cheap door repair Singapore , please contact us .

The door frame is an important part to make the door work well. A broken frame may be a security threat because the door is protected on the frame, and a broken frame poses a threat for the door to fall.

Some common damages that appear on doors include:

Water will damage the door frame. Especially the toilet door. Another possible reason is floor cleaning, which is the cause of water leakage to the bottom of the frame.
Termites will harm the skeleton, which is also very common, and if left unattended, it will spread quickly.
Over time, it deteriorates.

For frames damaged by water, we can only replace the interfering frame elements or the entire frame according to the degree of damage. However, please note that limited alternatives will not be as attractive as other alternatives.

For termite infestations, we will only replace the frame damaged by termites completely. Except for serious reasons or a pest control company’s recommendation, we usually do it later.

For frames that must be loosened from the wall, we have special equipment that can nail the door in many situations. In some cases, we may need to drill holes in the wood of the frame, which will damage the frame.