About Us

Master Door Repair is one of the top door contractors in Singapore. We specialize in all issues related door problems such as doors repair, design or installation. We help you assess the issues and determine the best course of action to get repairs done quickly and cost-effectively.

Door repair:

Our professional technicians will evaluate whether the condition of the door needs a basic repair or replacement. If any door parts require replacement our maintenance options are tailored to your specific requirements. We deal with all types of door repairs:

Door design and customization:

Doors are available in an incredible variety of design. We offer a full range of door customization services. We can design the door according to customers’ requirements. Our team is committed to understanding your needs and recommending the best solution for your needs.

Door replacement and installation:

Installing a door is exacting work and requires considerable knowledge and experience. Master Door Repair technician expert in replace or install for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals carefully installs the doors, ensuring match, fit, and alignment.

In all these circumstances, we regularly train and educate technicians on the latest technologies and processes. We strive to establish a personal relationship with each customer. We hope to exceed your expectations and will always provide fast and reliable service. Give us a chance, we will attend to all clients in a fast and courteous manner.