Door Repair Singapore

Door Repairs and Installation in Singapore

Don’t tolerate broken doors and sticky locks in the house, but get help right away! Door Repair Singapore who can give you solutions for a range of door maintenance tasks.

We also specialize in door installation and door replacement services in Singapore. So, if you feel that the old hard door no longer works, we will immediately install a new door for you.

What can a door maintenance specialist do?

From repairing and reinstalling non -aligned doors, replacing damaged hinges and filling cracks in door surfaces, to completing lock replacement and lock installation work, Door Repair Singapore has the right expertise to deal with all of these problems.

Trained and experienced technicians to repair various types of doors and locks, and replace them when they cannot be repaired. Even if you are not sure what the problem is with your door, you can still contact us and we will send a door specialist to check the problem.

You can also order a door installation service with us, whether you need to install from scratch or want to replace an old door that you think is no longer safe.

In addition, you can combine your door repair services with our door painting options to complete both tasks at the same time. Please note that we can provide you with many other home repair and installation solutions every hour, so you can complete a list of household chores on the same day, depending on the situation. For example, you can hire a cheap handyman Singapore to replace door locks, install curtains, and install a new flat -screen TV on the wall. How does this sound?

What to expect from your door repair & installation service?

On the day of your appointment, an experienced door repair technician with carpentry skills will arrive at your address on time. Technician carry appropriate tools, electrical appliances and hardware, and complete the work with excellent results. Based on the door service you order, the technician will determine the type of door / lock you need to repair or replace.

Door Fitting Service

The door installation technician will remove the old door and measure its replacement accurately. He will install new hinges and doors so that they fit the door frame. Workers will install and adjust additional components (handles) to ensure proper door operation. In addition, he can install a mailbox or spy hole on your door upon request.

Door Repair Service

Door repair specialists can fix a variety of problems with doors, such as removing cracks, replacing damaged parts,  and stiffness, repairing sagging or bouncing doors, replacing door glass, straightening out non -aligned doors,  or repairing damaged doors. The specialist will bring all supplies and components to complete the service and include them in the final bill.

Door lock replacement service

Sticky and inconsistent locks are the most common problems you may encounter when using a malfunctioning door. Another problem may be a key in a fracture or an object stuck in it. Don’t worry, because Door Repair Singapore have the right tools to repair or replace damaged locks right away.

What Door Repair Singapore Do ?

The door is the first place to enter any home or office. It may be one of the most important parts of your home or office, so they should not be underestimated. Properly installed and clean doors illustrate that shield from natural elements and our occupants greet.

We know that door is the most important in your home or office-not only because of its charm, but also because it should protect you and your family. Through our high-quality door installation, we can make your door safe and beautiful.

When it comes to doors, our company Door Repair SIngapore provide a wide range of services for any kind of issue related to the door. Whatever is door repair or installation, you can trust us to provide a reliable, affordable, and superior-quality service. Our highly trained technicians are ready to install, replace or repair. Our working patterns are excellent, modern and sustainable.

Every decision is inspired by our core mission, which is to provide retailers and customers with the highest standards of products and services. Through our company specializes in servicing this is why we are confident in service each time. If you require door to be repaired, you can ensure that Door Repair Singapofreprovides you with the best and professional solutions.